Dreaming Heaven
A magical journey to Teotihuacan, a trip I have made seven times now. Every one of these people went through enough changes to make their own movie. There is, however, a honkin’ big ass grammatical error in the first sentence on the screen.

don Miguel Ruiz Interview
The dialogue is good and instructive. Forewarning, the production values suck.

Shaman TV Interview
Raven and I cover the waterfront on shamanism. The man knows his stuff.

Dumbo Drop Trailer
A screen grab from a Hallmark TV trailer, but an okay synopsis of the film

Dumbo Drop Helicopter Ride
This scene comes from something that happened to me in Vietnam. How we got the Spanish version I don’t know, but, hey, if we don’t laugh we die.

Secrets of War: Vietnam Special Operations
This is Gordon Forbes production, but I contributed materially to it. I was hired as a consultant, and my final credit was associate producer.

Below are YouTube excerpts from my first television production. Spinnaker had previously done one on the air war that was a botch. All the Vietnamese was mispronounced, and the action didn’t track because the editor didn’t know what he was seeing. For Vietnam: The Green Berets I was hired as a consultant. My final credits were producer and narrator.

Vietnam – The Green Berets 1

Vietnam – The Green Berets 2

Vietnam – The Green Berets 3

Special Forces Training: Vietnam Era

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